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Anguished search for 12 year old boy who vanished at US border Immigrants at US border

People stuck in wars crime in poverty in certain Latin American nations crossing over into the united states holds a promise of a better life but the journey to the united states is not an easy one for the desperate migrants there is no guarantee that even if they do manage to enter into the united states their life would change for the better this report tells you more this is the story of 44 year old elite and her 12 year old disabled son Gustavo elite is a migrant from Guatemala she does not wish to be on camera as it would create legal troubles for her she along with her disabled son decided to leave.

Guatemala due to harassment from criminal gangs her 12 year old son Gustavo who has learning difficulties was cut to the bone with a knife to escape this violence elite traveled over 2 000 kilometers on foot to reach the us border seeking asylum in a cruel twist of fate only her son had the chance to cross the us border the mother and her child were separated but instead of entering into the promised land of the united states twelve-year-old Gustavo disappeared without a trace.

I want to drop off my son on the bridge because I thought it was better but it was not like that and now he’s been deported for several weeks alit a had no idea what had happened to him she was heartbroken and wrecked with guilt before 2016an unaccompanied and undocumented child crossing into the united states was given protection and a chance to seek asylum but under trump even such children are expelled keeping all immigrants out has been a cornerstone of trump’s policy weeks later elite heard about her son he had been deported back.

 Guatemala to the same crime infested neighborhood from which she had tried to escape he’s very sad because he says he doesn’t want to go back to Guatemala he wanted to live with his grandfather in the united state she’s scared and he's angry because people make fun of him the story of elite is not an isolate done thousands of immigrants make impossible journeys on foot with the help of smugglers they try to enter the united states but even when they succeed to cross over into the U.S  there is no guarantee that they would not be deported back viewer report we own world is one you.         

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