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Coronavirus How homeless camps have grown in LA

You can't mistake the growing gulf between the rich and poor here homeless camps piling up on affluent lay side walks as tents move in there's a clear exodus of residents moving out homes now empty on Hollywood’s most sought after streets removal companies are working flat out the black stuff goes after 17 years living here Jeffers gassy is moving his family an hour’s drive away Covid has been the catalyst but it’s laid bare deep-rooted problems housing has always been an issue here and we're seeing that a lot I mean we’re seeing you know people who are moving back in with their parents the homeless situation is the visibility of it has gotten much greater it makes you feel a little bit uneasy.

You know if somebody is a block away and living in a totally different lifestyle in a totally different circumstance that you know unfortunately has a high degree of you know kind of desperation homelessness is up 16 in la this year and that was before Covid since then unemployment levels have hit nearly 20 percent here and encampments in Venice beach have come to dominate residential streets Scott Campbell moved here two months ago I’ve owned two home shad the mortgage the insurance the responsibility there's going to be a lot of people out of homes with this everybody’s you know stimulus this and unemployment that and six feet away from here and rent's not being paid mortgages aren’t being paid so I would like to show people how to do this it’s estimated another 36 000 households in la could end up homeless due to the pandemic.

This is one of la's wealthiest neighborhoods to give you an idea this is the gym where arm old Schwarzenegger trains then right across the street you have ago ogle corporate office and next to it there ‘stent after tent of people living here because they're homeless and that is happening in street after street in this surrounding area it really is stale of two cities stone’s throw from the encampments the immense wealth is clearly has long been an expensive place to live but for many it's now not worth the price what's going wrong I don't know that it's a gone wrong thing maybe get away from the attitude of oh don't put that uh that housing project in my backyard it's got to go somewhere these things won't go away by us just putting the blinders on and pretending they're not there we can see that now covid has only inflated inequalities that existed already while those with money have the luxury of leaving the growing number.

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