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Ladakh Standoff How Indian Army Dominates Heights Overlooking Chinese Camps along Pan gong to

A swift and tactically brilliant maneuver soldiers of the Indian army are now on commanding heights north of pan gong so close to finger four this means the Indian army effectively dominates Chinese army positions on finger four effectively stopping further Chinese advancement from finger four towards finger three and finger two this also indicates that the Indian army is now on altitudes between seventeen thousand and twenty thousand feet at the line of actual control on either side of the penguin so whether it's at rich in la rue sang lab lack top or at this dominating feature north of pen gong so the Indian army just cannot trust the Chinese the strategic heights are now dominated.

 Indian positions with Chinese positions in India’s line of sight and fully vulnerable to India's actions as India and Chinese army continue to eyeball each other it is clearly advantageous for India with god of savant in ladakh bureau report India today I quickly now want to cut across to India today's editor defense Abhishek pall who joins us from lay Abhishek the army has heights of tactical advantage but strategic significance how difficult is it for us to remain on these heights is this now seating nation of the lace and how difficult is it for the Chinese in this area.

Gaurav it's a battle of occupying mountain heights whoever is sitting on those hilltops will control this confrontation from here on wards the big challenge for the Indian forces be the Indian army or the it who's facing Chinese aggression for the last four months now is that the winter is approaching and we are here in lay which is around 11 500 feet it’s a rugged terrain here itself one can imagine what the situation will be in these forward locations that are 15 000 feet plus height it’s going to be extremely difficult in days to come and as I said you know both the forces be the Chinese pal or the Indian forces are trying to occupy these crucial heights and whoever remains here for a longer period of time will be at an advantage at sea at this moment it seems that.

Indian forces have occupied some of these crucial heights and this is what is irking the Chinese and that's why we see a fresh set of face-offs taking place when we look at the situation on ground zero south of pan gong so you have the Indian army on our side of the line of actual control but at heights that was so far unoccupied re sung a where that famous battle of 1962 was fought rich in la black top guru hill and mugger hill that overlook the Spengler gap now this is a huge advantage for India it's not just a tactical advantage it’s a strategic advantage also on the north bank of Bangkok so being on a position or the post higher than the Chinese on finger four actually negates the Chinese presence on finger four Abhishek that's right korev and you know whatever has happened in the last 10 days has completely changed the scenario on the night of august.

29th august 30th there was a face-off between the Indian and the Chinese troops later on we've also had incidents of firing so the rules of engagement have completely changed now officials that I’ve spoken to continue to reiterate but from here on wards it's highly unlikely that scuffles will take place because if the Chinese come closer the Indian forces will retaliate in the same manner as they have been doing so till now and in fact you know there are places where the Chinese are still in a face-off with the Indian troops remember those pictures that came that showed the Chinese carrying those medieval barbaric kind of weapons so the situation remains extremely fluid volatile it's a heightened state of alert that officials say that they are following at this point of time the finger area of course once again has become very volatile fresh build up by the Chinese is taking place but the fact is that because the Indians areal soon some of the crucial heights they can see all the movement all the mobilization that the Chinese are making in the finger area.


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