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Petrol Diesel Prices JLR Global Sales

State-owned oil marketing companies on Monday revised prices of the two auto fuels across metro cities as per the notification from the Indian oil corporation petrol and diesel prices were slashed between 13 price to 16 peso respectively in Delhi petrol prices were cut by 14 pesos bringing down the price to 81 rupees 72 percent from 81 rupees 86 percent per liter the price of diesel also was slashed to 72 rupees 78 pass after a revision of 15 pose rates of both the auto fuels remain unchanged on Sunday after receiving a price cut.

Saturday here are the prices for the rest of the metro city-state motors owned jaguar land rover has posted a decline of 15.5 in sales for august 2020 globally according to a regulatory filing the British automaker sold 28887 units last month seeing a sharp decline in year-on-year volumes when compared to the same month last year the luxury car maker also saw a year-on-year drop in sales in the markets like north America Europe and china however.

JLR  saw some encouraging numbers in the U.K   market with a boost thanks to the launch of the defender sub it is worth noting that JLR’S retail numbers are sequentially lower in august as compared to June and July global volumes which were 35 334 units and 36 422 units respectively the ministry of road transport and highway announced that it has initiated a transformation a program to implement various new international emission standards along with safety measures for transport vehicles the ministry mentioned that the draft notification has been issued for the electronic stability control system for buses which is expected to come into force.

 April 2023 it aims to achieve higher standards of safety for all categories of vehicles apart from this the ministry has identified certain priority areas for international standardization this includes the tire pressure monitoring system which is likely to come into effect by next month everything that's hot new exciting and relevant.

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