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Trump makes raging U.S.A. wildfires a political issue

After day upon day of intense heat fueling the monster flames today cooler temperatures calmer winds and a chance for some to survey what remains of neighborhoods left behind a now charred and grotesque landscape consider just the numbers dozens offices up and down.

The U.S  pacific coast more than sixteen thousand square kilometers now burnt with evacuation orders in place in six states the air in Portland Oregon is now the worst ever recorded we've got fires on the coast we’ve got fires in communities right up abutting our metropolitan areas and southern Oregon has been devastated tomorrow.

Donald trump will visit another hard-hit state California to assess the destruction for himself last night before a largely mask-free crowd at a campaign rally in Nevada the president underlined his view of what’s led to the fire you know it is about forest management please remember the words very simple forest management please remember trump who regularly questions the science of climate change and has rolled back environmental regulations in this country while pressing for more.

Oil and gas drilling was today slammed for failing to blame climate change for what’s happening on the west coast and we know that climate change is making fires start easier spread faster and intensify and it is maddening right now that when we have this cosmic challenge to our communities with the entire west coast of the united states on fire to have a president to deny that these are not just wildfires these are climate fires back amid the ashes the return to what was but is no more continues in places.

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