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US President announces new sanctions on Iranian for violating UN arms embargo Donald Trump WION


This morning comes from the United States where President Donald trump has announced the imposing of sanctions on Iranians for violating a United Nations arms embargo the U.S president demanded the enforcement by U.S allies who have disputed the fact that he has any such authority tore impose these sanctions trump’s move comes on the day.

The united nations was celebrating its 75thanniversarythe trump administration announced sanctions on 27 individuals and entities under a U.N resolution including Iran’s defense ministry and its atomic energy organization he also imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicholas Madura today I will take the first action under this new executive order by sanctioning the Iranian ministry of defense and armed forces logistics and Iran’s defense industries organization and its director we're also sanctioning the previous president of Venezuela Nikos Madura for nearly two years corrupt officials in Tehran have worked with the illegitimate regime in Venezuela to flout.

The U.N arms embargo our actions today are a warning that should be heard worldwide no matter who you are if you violate the U.N arms embargo on Iran you risk sanctions the administration argues that it is enforcing the arms embargo that Iran has violated including an attack on Saudi oil facilities the embargo on conventional arms shipments to Iran is set to expire next month after the united states failed to win support.

A new united nations resolution this means that the administration is snapping back virtually all U.N sanctions on Iran as part of a 2015 nuclear accord with Tehran negotiated by former U.S president barrack Obama the current administration argues that the united states is still a participant in the deal with the right to impose sanctions for violations as it was listed in the resolution you.

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