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US wildfires Residents return to their destroyed homes

U.S president Donald trump is due to visit California on Monday to meet with heads of emergency services who've been overseeing efforts to battle the unprecedented fires there days of dry and windy conditions have been feeding dozens of blazes across California Oregon and Washington state their wildfires have killed at least 35 people's people and officials are warning of possible more fatalities NewTop20 Washington northern.

 California where thousands of people who were evacuated are now returning to scenes of utter devastation nothing but destruction this is all that is left on the five acres of farmland in northern California where Sarah Hawkins and her husband have created a little paradise over the last 17 years took only four hours before everything was destroyed left are only shards of memories her grandmother's good china items they collected over decades.

The fire was coming across short grass it was coming across dirt there was no place that we knew for sure would be safe here in this barn Sarah lost all her 17 baby goats to the flames we didn't have time to hook up the trailer we didn't know that we were in any kind of danger no fires ever moved this fast out here ever you know and when we came back the next day I’ll never forget seeing the burned bodies in the barnyard people like Sarah who are living in this part of the world are used to wildfires but they have never experienced something like this year there are multiple mega fires burning millions of acres have been destroyed millions of residents have to live in toxic air the whole west coast seems on fire some climate experts say climate change is smacking.

California in its face in Clermont we speak with the director of environmental analysis char miller human beings are driving climate change they're driving it because in fact we're on cars in southern California and elsewhere that we're pumping effluents into the air that's heating up the planet and the atmosphere and so when the fires start burning they’re actually burning as a result of our own actions Sarah Hawkins is not willing to give inland is already building a newborn knowing that the next fire might take everything away again you.

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