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Wild fires sweeps through the US West Coast states, more than 30 lost their lives

Wildfires are sweeping through the U.S west coast states more than 30 people have lost their lives U.S president is scheduled to visit California most number of fatalities have been recorded in California and Oregon one of the victims was a 13-year-old boy who was found in a car with his do gin his lap reports say that the road was so hot that it melted the types as the child tried to flee authorities say nearly 5 million acres of land has burnt an area roughly the size of new jersey more than 20 000 firefighters are battling the blazes tackling.

Wildfire at times where futile said a firefighter in Oregon he said that the local fire department had to make do without help from other engines firefighters are dealing with the stress of limited manpower and resources to put out the blazes in their own community I don't want to say it's scary but it’s scary because again we’re used to being in a lot of protective gear when we’re when we're fighting structure fires when we’re fighting brush fires it’s you know shirts pants helmets some goggles maybe so when you're feeling that heat and breathing in a lot of that smoke as much.

We try and protect ourselves you’re still you're breathing in a lot of that smoke your eyes are watering you’ve got a lot of ash in your eyes it's very hard to do your job when there's all of that going on west coast states are witnessing record-breaking fires top officials in the region accuse president Donald trump of being in denial about climate change trump has refrained from making an official statement however during an election rally in Nevada he acknowledged the scope of a disaster trump plans to meet officials heading California’s emergency services according.

I a five of the world’s most air polluted cities were on the west coast dense smog and ash covered skies from los Angeles to Vancouver in Canada Washington state governor has called the situation apocalyptic reports suggest that some are trying to take advantage of the crisis residents of Oregon have reported robberies in the area one of the resident claims that he lost fifteen thousand dollars worth of property stolen from his workshop you.

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