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China Threatening Us with Its Military Hardware, Says Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph 

How can Taiwan militarily control Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, this is an area we are looking at very seriously as well as people saying that Taiwan is a possible flashpoint and we agree with that because the Chinese are threatening their military hardware day in and day out and another area that a potential flash point it is the south China sea.

 Chinese military ships will also describe their the military is patrolling around airplanes as well as daily basis and they have been expanding their area of influence in the South China Sea and that puts Vietnamese countries around the Philippines and Indonesia and also south China sea, including countries in a difficult position and especially around the south for the international community in the China Sea.

 The need to look at whether all the indisputable needs to be resolved peacefully through international law, particularly the UNITED Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and that our position as and since that happens other than we also claim parts of the South China Sea and therefore be taken as part of that mumped mechanism in dealing with territorial disputes Important.

There should become military success for groups like quads and whether there should be an extension of the which is being proposed by the United States and is being looked into by the other three countries because there will be a proposal Taiwan bye part of an extended quadrilateral I think tractors are very important and are looking very closely at the development of this quadrilateral cooperation.

A few days ago, the foreign ministers of the QUAD worked with each other and how they carried out cooperation, although China is not the only issue that these four countries are discussing whether there are many international issues that Iquadkar comes together in working together in working with each other for security issues or other issues, and we are very happy to see that the Indo-Pacific region is not the only issue.

 The major countries of the region are generally working with each other and for that Taiwan we are looking very carefully and we have traditional very good relations with the United States and Japan and we also enjoy very well relations with Australia and our relations with India are getting better and better and so we certainly hope that Taiwan is about to be treated.

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