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Coronavirus Pharmacies struggling to keep up with the demand for flu jabs

Coronavirus Pharmacies struggling to keep up with the demand for flu jabs 

This winter more of U.S are being encouraged to have a flu vaccine but that means increased demand and at this south London pharmacy they're now running out we started to get our stocks about three weeks ago and the other 65vaccines that we normally have for the entire period we've already run out they lasted a week this year we're praying that we get some more stock.

 I keep getting patients asking main concern is that these patients are coming in and asking us to the vaccine at now and if we can't do it are they going to give up and not bother each year the NHS flu vaccine is offered to certain at-risk groups including anyone aged 65and covering children aged 2 to 11 and those with certain health conditions such as asthma and heart disease.

 This year the government wants to expand the program to include those aged 50 to 64.households with people shielding and children in the first year of secondary school this would double the number who can receive the vaccine in England from 15 million to more than 30 million this year pharmacies have already delivered three times as many flu jabs as they normally do and that means many have had to stop taking bookings while they wait for fresh supplies areyou65 or over both the government and manufacturers say there's no national shortage of the flu vaccine and it will continue to be delivered throughout winter.

 The GPS is now so concerned about supply they've written to the health secretary for reassurance it's really important that GPS have those assurances so that we can plan because at the moment we're not quite sure which groups we should be really focused on whether we do need to focus on those at very highest risk or whether we can give it to whoever comes along and wants to have a flu vaccination on the government insists there are enough vaccines but many of those wanting a flu jab.

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