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COVID-19 allegedly killing 1,000 per day in Europe



COVID-19 allegedly killing 1,000 per day in Europe

The high alert of a three-tier system in this city of 9 million is going into Tier 2 which means no one can get indoors with anyone outside their home it means more non-secret deaths from The Government's latest attempt to rein in a runaway infection rate which every 10days we must act to delay action now means more deaths from Covid means more non-secret deaths.

 And it means more economic pain later because the virus is slower than it comes but there is questions over whether it goes far enough with the opposition and many scientists rather than a small sharp nationwide lockdown advocating regional sanctions here not just in London will impact new measures 3 000 pubs and 7 000 restaurant decisions will be reviewed every two weeks.

But most of these businesses have already given their orders for months ahead and this could stop and start them but many in Europe get a public health state of emergency and Paris and 8 other cities imposed an 8 p.m.

 Curfew on hospital admissions since June the curve has almost taken a vertical shape and so we knew we needed action because we needed action.

This reality will have an impact on hospitals 10 days after the intensive care unit are growing in pain even with a very strong impact on infection rates growing in the region of Catalonia all bars are closed and the number of restaurants and its growing people allowed in shops in Germany's Czech Republic in an attempt to stop Italy and Poland are seeing a record number of all daily cases Since the epidemic began and a bleak warning from the World Health Organization that governments should not shy away from nationwide lockdown projections from reliable epidemiological models so optimistic these models indicate that long-stay policies could prop up January 2021 daily mortality rates four to five times higher than what we recorded on April 19 now a thousand people a day in Europe.

Killing winter is fast approaching with this exponential rise everyone's worries Charlie Angela Aljazeera London.

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