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COVID - 19 cases rise in the U.S.


COVID - 19 cases rise in the U.S.

Covid19 cases are once again rising in the United States Hospitalized are also increasing, while deaths remain stable for now as the current epicenter of the crisis runs with North America and is designed to handle the crush of new cases for an emergency area hospital through the Midwest in Wisconsin at an all-time high with coven 19 is the number of spouses of people hospitalized with 19 is And not only is that the number also compounding many of the crises the U.S. is strained and one or more hospitals in every region of our state report reports of current and imminent staff shortages of the U.S.

 Centers for Disease Control says, small family gatherings may contribute to the spread of the nation's top infectious disease specialist D.R. Anthony Fauci says Melanie Trump, the first lady to announce the upcoming holiday plans that are a risk you don't have shot and infected on social gatherings unless you're dealing with so many announced the first lady Melanie Trump had tested positive for a 14-year-old son Barron Trump Covid, 19, shortly after she and her father said they were president.

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Trump has recovered using his own ongoing recovery and his wife and son's experience is back on the trail holding Trump campaign rallies arguing that the U.S. crisis the trader is going past just fine now he's tested the negative right because it happens people do it and it makes the kids back to school we get kids back to school Donald Trump's chaotic and divisive leadership has died far too much from 215,000 covering 19, where some masks or practice social dissing his opponent Joe Biden continues to kill Trump for his administration's response to epidemic people.

And rising Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris says she's canceling all-in-person events through Sunday after testing positive for a member of her flight crew and her communications director Covid19 after the campaign says Kamala Harris herself tested negative on Wednesday and neither she nor Joe Biden was in close contact with these two men in 48 hours.

The day before they positively are another sign that the crisis is far from over - Jim in the united states.

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