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Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia and Azerbaijan's conflict explained


Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia and Azerbaijan's conflict explained 

In the last few days, Azerbaijan has been accused of bombarding civilian areas Stepanakert the main town in the Armenian populated region of Karabakh Russia has today said the situation is seriously deteriorating it's happened before in fact 28 years ago covered early bombardments of that town by nearby Azeri forces for News night filmed on both sides back then and found a conflict being pursued without mercy in the town's hospital operations were conducted without general anesthetic and the seriously wounded had to be taken to Armenia by helicopter, prisoners were hardly ever taken and as one Azeri's soldier told she'd saved the last grenade for himself came under sniper fires soviet era borders left Karabakh as an Armenian majority enclave surrounded by Azerbaijani territory as ethnic violence grew between the populations in 1992 .

The Azeri's besieged and bombarded Karabakh but the Armenians fought back and by the time there was a ceasefire two years later Armenia had conquered the so-called Lachin corridor separating karabakh from their country as well as a swathe of Azeri territory amounting to about nine percent of Azerbaijan since fighting erupted last month the Armenians have been losing some of that ground think there's no doubt that Azerbaijan started this military operation the Armenian side had no reason to change the status quo they conquered plot of land in the 1990s huge sways of Azerbaijani land which they said were a buffer zone in order to protect the Armenians of Karabakh which whose situation is at the root of this conflict.

So Azerbaijan has been without that land for more than 20 years and I think they were looking for a moment to launch a military operation to tilt the situation in their favor having armed itself with Turkish and Israeli drones and deploying substantially larger forces the Azeri military has been stripping away Armenian defenses around Karabakh for the past 10 days the Armenian prime minister has called upon men of military age to mobilize admitting there have been setbacks there are at least 10 000 young men in the Republic of Armenia at least half of whom if they come to this call will be one of the most combat-capable units of our army although the Azeri's have said they've retaken some lost ground.

There's been no breakthrough yet and their the government will be tempted to keep fighting meanwhile the wider international community will be looking to Russia and turkey foreign in Armenia and Azerbaijan respectively neither the Russians nor the Turks want to see Russian and Turkish forces actually facing each other so I would anticipate some kind of indirect Russian intervention certainly behind the scenes influence diplomacy director indirect possibly controlling the arms spigot but uh I would not expect to see Russia actually intervening with the actual military on the ground intervention with Azerbaijan exploiting its military advantage and both Russia and turkey apparently pursuing a policy of wait and see there's every possibility of the conflict intensifying in the coming days.

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