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Ratings Scam Mumbai Cops Fight Republic TV's CBI Probe Plea In Top Court

Ratings Scam Mumbai Cops Fight Republic TV's CBI Probe Plea In Top Court

The Mumbai police have filed an advance affidavit opposing republic tv plea inthe supreme court to transfer the probeto the CBI they're said republic tv wants to thwart the probe into the fudging of the trpratings that'sthe ratings scam and the demand totransfer the probe to the CBI is misconceived the supreme court willbe taking up the plea today by republication for the transfer of the case to the CBI well let's go across to veda for more and where they're interesting here that the mumbai police have put this advanced affidavit before the supreme court takes up the plea exactly.

 It shows the anxiety of the Mumbai police it seems that the new norm has been set in even the skills which are pending in supreme court before the case could be taken up government also filed an advance after probably that's being followed by Mumbai police.

 Police is opposing a CBI probe demanded by the public tv of course the petition is not available we don't know what are the details but as for the affidavit filed by the mumbai police it says CBI pro can't be granted Mumbai police is doing the right thing and secondly,

 It says the debates and programs contracted by the republican tvare completely interfering in the prob it says it's a fair trial cannot be that if witnesses are intimidated and just taking the shelter under the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed and for the constitution this part cannot be invoked in a criminal case.

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