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Sensex rallies over 300 pts on wide-spread buying; Nifty tops 11,600

Sensex rallies over 300 pts on wide-spread buying; Nifty tops 11,600 

Then holding up steadily 11, 600 whereas was being indicated by the-open rates themselves tcs let's check in on that one whether it continues to push forward after that seven percent move in the stock yesterday it again advantages id and is it being led by the likes of TCS withdrawals well as forged once again in forces though holds out in between let's bring up DCS if we can for the nifty of course it's a steady start we've made it to 11600 now it's a strong market breadth as well at your hands TFC bank HDFC and then i wanna check in on IndusInd as well after the q2 updates coming in TCS on your screens2700 here for tcs now that's uh it's a flat start but that okay it's very very strong move that the stock has seen in just yesterday's trading session couple of other names which should be unexcused me in focus tata motors the q2update uh has come in and the retail sales have seen a pickup dc q2 update which indicates that loan dispersal have improved,

                                                       HDFC bank u2update which talks about advances deposits the casa ratio all of it improving so they're all holding up in rain, in fact, other motors has made a strong move about two percent higher in trench what is tata steel doing yesterday was not just about id but some of the metal  names as well had a lot very well to beat that tata steel a jingle steel these were all big movers in trade yesterday so it's a good start indecent bank leading the show with a three and a quarter percent up move HDFC bank.

 HDFC holding r12 tata motors looking good and RBI bank which is needed two percent uptick as well itc that's a laggard in forces is a laggard dcsis taking a breather it's down half a percent Wipro as well taking a breather it's down about one percent or so but that's okay this one percent move can easily be ignored pretty good yeah it'snot a bad start you know given what has been thrown at us both locally and globally you know less than two months away from the U.Spresidential election not even two months actually listen 40 days away from the u.s presidential election where you don't know which way the beam balance is going to move the U.S the president is just back from out of roman hospitals gone back to white  house locally valuations are looking stretched and the economic recovery is still very anemic markets surely have managed to climb a very high and a big mountain of body.

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